Laravel4 generators not working on windows with sublime text (artisan gets called, but no effect in my case)

Developing in Laravel is great fun. With release of Version 4 this week I immediately switched to the latest version also checking out Sublime Text as my future text editor as I got bored with eclipse pdt a bit (it’s still great and I don’t say I will definetely drop it however everything feels soo much faster in Sublime.)
So I also wanted to integrate the artisan shortcuts via Ctrl + Shift + P to speed up and empower my workflow even more.
On Windows 7 I ran into some problems even though I did not yet have any problems with artisan nor composer. I could fire all the generators, however I did not get any return and – of course – no files had been generated. So after googling around for a bit I found that other people had this problem, too.

It turned out that the laravelgenerator.sublime-settings file had to be told the correct way to my php.exe (even though it was on my PATH environment variable. This is wat most people suggest to remedy the problem. However, this did not do it for me). I found my settings file under (replace USER_NAME by your own user name and note the application name “Sublime Text 2″ which might be different for you:

let it point to your php executable like so (depending on where your php.exe lives of course):

this was the exact setting on my w7 box as my php 5.4 lives under the c drive in xampp/php.
Thanx to the guys on this thread I did find this pretty quickly:

31. May 2013 by admin
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